Longpass colored glass filters

Longpass filter is an optical device used to select the desired radiation band, mainly used to filter the light of the specific wavelength we need. Filter unwanted wavelengths of light and pass through desired wavelengths of light. The light transmittance of ordinary glass in the visible light band is 90%. By coating, it can cut off and reflect a part of the light (the light in the unnecessary band), and improve the transmittance of the light in the required band.


Longpass colored glass filtersDescription

1T Optics offers a wide range of Longpass colored glass filters covering the UV, visible or NIR spectrum with cutoff wavelengths.

These colored glass substrates have high spectral transmittance in their wavelength range.

Filters are designed in standard dimensions of 50 x 50mm for easy integration into optical systems and are available in 1, 2 or 3mm thickness. Custom sizes from 5 to 160mm available upon request.

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