QA management

behind the scenes at beyond

On the basis of technology 1T Optics adheres to the principle of quality first, has a complete set of testing equipment, strictly controls the quality, and guarantees to meet the requirements of customers. 1T Optics strictly implements the relevant standards of ISO10110

Dimension measurement​

1T Optics uses fully automatic video measuring instruments as an important basis for final inspection.

Surface accuracy inspection​

  • The surface accuracy detection using laser interferometer. Zygo test reports are available, including the data of PV, RMS, Figure and Power.
    In addition, you can visually see the status of the overall surface.
    The maximum accuracy we can detect so far is: λ/10@832.8nm.

Dimension measurement​

1T Optics uses high-brightness LED fiber-optic cold light source detection lights, so that scratches and pits on the surface of optical components can be clearly seen. 1T Optics according to standard ISO10110-7, MIL-PRF-3830B and DIN3140.

Coating inspection​


1.The classical Czerny-Turner optical structure, simple, high precision and good spectral resolution

2. The design of double grating and double receiver ensures that the instrument working band can cover the full range of ultraviolet visible and near infrared region (UV-VIS-NIR).