Aluminum Mirror / Al coating mirror

The aluminum mirror is a total reflection mirror formed by coating a layer of aluminum film on the surface of the flat substrate by vacuum coating method. These products have high reflectivity from visible light to infrared and are almost independent of incident angle. Pure aluminum mirrors and aluminum mirrors covered with MgF2 or SiO2 protective film are available. MgF2 protective film prevents scratches and oxidation. But its reflectivity is lower than that of pure aluminum film. Aiming at the maximum reflectivity in the visible wavelength band, the MgF2 protective film was optimized.


Aluminum Mirror / Al coating mirrorDescription

Features of aluminized mirrors:

  • Flat reflection characteristic curve, wide wavelength range, high reflectivity and low price
  • Reflectivity is less affected by changes in wavelength and incident angle

The mechanical hardness of the surface of the film is not high, the protective aluminum film (Al+MgF2) can be cleaned with a cotton swab containing organic solvents, but the pure aluminum film (ordinary aluminum film) is relatively soft and cannot be wiped, and needs to be replaced regularly

  • Not suitable for strong laser

Reflectivity index of aluminized mirror (for reference):

Items 200 ~ 400nm 400 ~ 700nm 700 ~ 1000nm
Al Ravg≥ 85% Ravg≥ 90% Ravg≥ 90%
Protected al+MgF2 Ravg≥ 85% Ravg≥ 80%

Referance of Coating Curve 

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