Beamsplitter flat

Beamsplitters are divided into polarizing beamsplitters and depolarizing beamsplitters. Beamsplitters are often used in high-power laser systems, and the beam incidence angle of the light path and the thickness of the beamsplitter are determined.


Beamsplitter flatDescription

The beam splitter is coated with a beam splitter coating on one surface and an anti-reflection coating on the other surface, thereby dividing a beam of light into a reflected beam and a transmitted beam. This layer of coating is made of multi-layer dielectric film vacuum evaporation coating, there is no problem of metal film absorption, and the sum of the penetration and reflection ratios reaches 100%. The beam splitter only considers the energy beam splitting and does not consider the polarization state. According to the ratio of transmitted light and reflected light, there are mainly: T 10%/ R90%, T 20%/ R80%, T 30%/ R70%, T 40%/ R60%, T 50%/ 590%, T 60%/ R40%, T 70%/ R30%, T 80%/ R20%, etc.


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