How to clean optical elements ?

In laser processing, life science, machine vision, optical communication, laser cosmetology, aerospace, education scientific research, etc can use mirror, prism, window, lens, filter, grating, optical components such as choosing suitable optical element is important, but the daily maintenance of cleaning methods are equally important. So how do we clean the surface of optical components?
First of all, when cleaning optical elements, try to operate in a dust-free and clean environment, so as not to scratch or dirty the surface of optical elements.Common tools and cleaning reagents used to clean optical components include cotton swabs, finger covers, gloves, tweezers, air guns, high-quality mirror wiping paper, wiping cloth, reagent grade isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and deionized water. Different cleaning products have their own special cleaning applications.Gloves and finger covers can isolate water, oil and dust on hands from the surface of optical components. Tweezers can easily pick up/clamp optical elements; The compressed gas ejected by the air gun can effectively blow away the dust on the surface of the optical element.Deionized water, isopropyl alcohol and acetone can effectively clean the surface of optical elements. The paper or cloth does not need to scratch or scratch the surface of the component to clean the optical lens.

For spherical optical element, dust removal lon-izing available direct blow off, if the element with watermark, grease, fingerprints, etc need to be further cleaning, usable brush mirror paper and just the right amount of reagent grade isopropyl alcohol or reagent grade acetone, pressure and gradually by the components center to clean, at the same time to turn the lens slowly, to erase the watermark, grease, fing
The same is true for plane optical components, dust can be blown off directly by air gun, if there are watermarks, oil stains, fingerprints and other needs to be further cleaned, can be used to soak the cleaning agent on the surface of the component slowly drag mirror paper. If handled properly, the cleaner will evaporate evenly without leaving any streaks or spots.


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