Brewster window

Brewster windows are uncoated substrates that can be used as polarizers in tandem, or to increase the degree of polarization of partially polarized light. When placed at Brewster’s angle, the P-polarized component of the beam passes through the window without reflection loss, while the S-polarized component is partially reflected.

Brewster windowDescription

Brewster windows are used for larger angles of incidence to present a circular cross-section of the incident beam at Brewster’s angle.

Our customers are coating the surface of the Brewster window with metal coatings (Al, Ag, Au) for enhanced reflection of aluminum, and dielectric coatings with high laser damage threshold.

Specification and list
Material: UV Fused silica / N-BK7
Surface quality:  10/5 – 20/10
Transmitted wavefront distortion (TWD):  λ/10@632.8nm
Brewster angle: 55°32‘ – 55°57’ @633nm
Parallelism: 5 arc sec.
Minor Diameters




6 1
6 2
8 1
8 2
10 2
12.5 2
13 2
16 2
20 2
22 2
25 2

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