BK7 / H-K9L Glass Windows

The windows are used to separate the environment on both sides, such as separating the inside and outside of the instrument, so that the inside and outside of the instrument are isolated from each other, thereby protecting the internal devices. The window is the basic optical element, an optical flat plate that does not change the optical magnification and only affects the optical path in the optical path. The important parameters of the window are: light transmittance, surface accuracy, thickness, parallelism, substrate material and other attributes. The window with suitable parameters can be selected according to the specific application. 1T Optics can provide high-precision windows of various materials, such as zinc selenide windows, germanium windows, silicon windows, barium fluoride windows, calcium fluoride windows used in the infrared spectrum; Fused silica windows and sapphire windows in the spectral band; H-K9 windows in the visible light spectrum, etc. We have a large stock of stock standard products, and can also customize optical windows according to specific needs.

BK7 / H-K9L Glass WindowsDescription

The BK7 / H-K9L glass has a transmittance from visible to near-infrared (350-2000nm), which is a commonly used optical glass for preparing optical components. When the additional advantages of ultraviolet fused silica are not required (good transmittance and low The thermal expansion coefficient), generally choose H-K9L.

1T Optics offer uncoated and coated windows, with custom sizes and coatings available.

Item                          Commercial  High Precision
Material:                        Visible material: BK7 (H-K9L), Float glass, Color glass, etc.
Dimension: 1mm~300mm
Diameter tolerance:  ±0.1mm ±0.03mm
Angle tolerance: <3 arc min <10 arc sec
Clear   Aperture: >90% of diameter
Surface Quality:      MIL60-40 MIL20-10, 10-5
Surface flatness:       λ/4@ 632.8nm    λ/10@ 632.8nm
Chamfer: 0.05~0.2mm x 45°

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