Silicon windows

Silicon is a chemically inert gas material with high hardness and insoluble in water. It has good light transmission performance in the 1-7μm band, and it also has good light transmission performance in the far-infrared band of 30-300μm, which is a feature that other optical infrared materials do not have. Silicon also has high thermal conductivity.

Silicon windowsDescription


  • Spectral range 1000-6000nm
  • Extended spectral range 1000-14000nm
  • Highly extended spectral range 1000-30000nm
  • Single crystal silicon is an excellent material for laser mirrors
  • Has its good thermal conductivity
  • Excellent thermal stability, low thermal expansion coefficient

Because of its good thermal conductivity and low density, it is also a commonly used material for making laser mirrors or infrared temperature measurement and infrared optical lenses.

Due to the good infrared spectral characteristics and physical properties of single-crystal silicon wafers, the infrared sensor filters produced by 1T Optics mainly use single-crystal silicon as the substrate. The substrate has the functions of long pass, short pass, band pass, antireflection, reflection and so on.

The monocrystalline silicon infrared filters produced by 1T Optics are mainly used in sensors in the fields of laser, imaging, detection, temperature measurement, sensing, aerospace and other fields, so they are also called special filters for infrared sensors.

main application:

  • Infrared alarm, photoelectric switch. (pyroelectric infrared sensor)
  • Night vision window
  • Thermometer window
  • Thermal imager
  • Gas analyzer


Item                          Commercial  High Precision
Material:                        Silicon
Dimension: 1mm~300mm
Diameter tolerance:  ±0.1mm ±0.03mm
Angle tolerance: <3 arc min <10 arc sec
Clear   Aperture: >90% of diameter
Surface Quality:      MIL60-40 MIL20-10, 10-5
Surface flatness:       λ/4@ 632.8nm    λ/10@ 632.8nm
Chamfer 0.05~0.2mm x 45°

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